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The first Nowind

Jorge Abel Olivar is a triathlete from Huesca who started in this sport in 2014.

Like many others, he began in the world of cycling for a bet: he had to finish the famous Bearded Vulture in 2013. “So four months before that I bought a second-hand bike and started cycling”, he says. From there he moved on to triathlon and a few mountain races. Since then he has participated in many events, among them: 3 IM’s from Lanzarote, 2 Challenge’s from Roth and an IronCat (managing to go under 9 hours).

He defines himself as a non-conformist sportsman (who wouldn’t?) and that’s why “after several months trying to improve my performance on the bike with my biomechanic Nacho Ara I discovered Uniqo Custom Bikes. I contacted them and told them that I wanted to improve my ergonomics and aerodynamics on the bike because I wasn’t very happy with the fittings I had. I didn’t get the feeling that I was riding well on it! They told me that the ideal way to improve that feeling of being well attached would be to scan my position on the bike and then create a full 3D coupling that would allow me to go in that position with more support from my elbows to my forearm. In this way I would gain in ergonomics and aerodynamics.

A light, rigid, stylish, beautiful and, above all, very comfortable coupling. The sensation of pedalling with all the weight of the body distributed on the forearms instead of the elbows relieves a lot of pressure on my back, my shoulders, scapulas… Moreover, in case of a momentary bad posture, the coupling itself repositions you to adopt your ideal position, thus reducing stress and fatigue on the bike.

Jorge Abel has in his Shiv the first Nowind and Noworry that were made. We can say that he is one of our official testers providing us with constant feedback on each of our products.

Later we also added other components that I considered necessary to compete in my IM tests: a personalised bottle holder for hydration (Nowaste) and a Noworry tool holder, a personalised accessory in which I could decide what its dimensions would be in order to be able to store the objects that I consider important inside it: camera, CO2, dismantlers, integrated light.”

In short, three products that have made Jorge’s bicycle increasingly personalised and adapted to his needs and hobbies.

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