Nowaste Gel, is an ally of the triathlete both in competition and in training. 100% customized in capacity, dimensions, shapes and made of flexible materials reserving better aerodynamics and comfort when feeding, which considerably improves the cyclist’s performance

from 150,00 €

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The design of the Nowaste Gel is manufactured to achieve maximum adaptation to the bicycle frame without losing sight of the aerodynamic advantage.
It’s flexibility allows a wide comfort when having to take the gels, without them being able to get out of the inside. No zippers or closures that make it difficult to capture.
The final design of each Uniqo Custom Bikes product is consulted with the rider. Your tastes and preferences are an essential part of the development of the product, if you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to consult our team.
All of these advantages help to bring out the cyclist’s full potential by allowing him to save watts of power throughout his ride.
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