Nowind Chrono complies with the restrictions to be used in UCI events
Nowind Chrono, which means without air resistance, are 100% custom aerobars for triathlon, in dimension and shape. Made of highly resistant materials providing better aerodynamics and greater ergonomics, Nowind is a fundamental element to improve cyclist performance in competition. In addition, these aero bars meet the exquisite requirements of the UCI regulations, enabling them to be used in any of their competitions. 

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When we design your NOWIND Chrono we seek to achieve maximum structural resistance but increase aerodynamic advantage as much as possible, the objective is to maximize the aerodynamic advantage. The entire forearm is supported, so aerobars and you, the cyclist, are one. In this way, a muscular rest is provided that translates into less fatigue in the most aggressive position and seconds ahead thanks to the aerodynamics.
We know that weight is important, which is why we reduce parts as much as possible, using a single part to produce NOWIND Chrono. The other key to low weight is materials, which is why we use carbon composites and other low-density materials.
It is a fact that most aerobars that exist in the market are composed of numerous parts and screws that over time lose their fixation and move. This is why at NOWIND Chrono we have decided to reduce the parts as much as possible, thus obtaining a great increase in stability. For this reason, NOWIND is fixed directly to the handlebar, you don´t need wedgest or any other extras. This fixing tries to be as stable as possible, reducing vibrations during pedaling.
We use industry 4.0 technologies, such as scan studies, to ensure that the extensions adapt perfectly to your arms, achieving perfect ergonomics. In addition, NOWIND Chrono allows you to incorporate pads that partially or totally cover the entire contact area of the arm for absolute comfort.
Tecnologically adapted
The aerobars allow the internal wiring, moreover our aerobars can be ordered with a custom piece for GPS device, you can decide the position of the support, because you need to see it without moving your head. What is the use of having a studied position if every time we see the watts we move our heads and lose our position? The NOWIND Chrono aerobars allow the internal housing of the bike’s wiring. In addition, there is the possibility of anchoring your GPS device in the position that you decide. What is the use of having a studied position if every time we want to keep an eye on the watts we have to move and lose our position?
The NOWIND Chrono are fixed aerobars but tailor-made for you. They will not be short or long, they will have the exact dimensions. We maximize aerodynamics, lightness and stability, using state-of-the-art technical materials combined with composite materials that provide high strength and low density. A basic requirement is the comfort and convenience of the cyclist, therefore they are designed at the angle that best favours your position in competition and with the shape of your arms. The clamping system of the NOWIND UCI is developed according to the handlebar of the bike, being able to be a single support or a support per arm. In this case you can choose to join both supports by a bridge that increases the structural rigidity. Considering everything listed, the production of all NOWIND UCI includes the production of a prototype that verifies the ergonomics, the demands of the cyclist and anchoring to the bicycle. Once verified, the final reinforced product is manufactured.
The final design of each Uniqo Custom Bikes product is consulted with the rider. Your tastes and preferences are an essential part of the development of the product, if you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to consult our team.
All of these advantages help to bring out the cyclist’s full potential by allowing him to save watts of power throughout his ride.
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