nowind soft
Replacement pads for any type of aerobars. 100% customizable, both in geometry and thickness as well as in design and colors. Add your name or logo.

from 80,00 €

(VAT excluded)

Its flexibility allows a wide comfort when supporting the arms. Total comfort is achieved, due to the technical capabilities of the material with which they are made..
100% customizable
Add your name or logo. Choose the color or combination of colors that you like the most. Thickness and design also fully customizable.
For any type of aerobars, whatever brand they are.
Easy to clean
The material is resistant to sweat and is easy to clean with water.
The final design of each Uniqo Custom Bikes product is consulted with the rider. Your tastes and preferences are an essential part of the development of the product, if you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to consult our team.
All of these advantages help to bring out the cyclist’s full potential by allowing him to save watts of power throughout his ride.
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