Noworry fins
Store your belongings without losing the efficiency and aerodynamics of your bike. Noworry offers you all of this, and completely customized, so you only have to worry about the competition. The compact size of our Noworry accessory allows you to store everything you need inside.

We design the shape of each fin to be homogeneous with the design of the triathlete’s aero bike. NOWORRY is fully adapted to the bike frame, thus allowing no air gaps between the fin and the bike.
We use ultralight and highly resistant materials.
The perfect fit and adapted design of the NOWORRY tool blade means that no noise or vibration is generated during pedalling.
NOWORRY has two parts, a fixed base and a removable lid. This composition allow our triathletes remove the utensils they want to use, picking them from within the base. This give us an easy and fast handling of the elements inside the fin. At the same time, the closure is very simple and safe. Using guides and a mechanical latch closure, NOWORRY ensures a totally hermetic box.
Technologically adapted
NOWORRY allows the incorporation of a lighting system as an extra safety for the road.
With the help of industry 4.0 technology the fins are custom designed for each model of bicycle allowing finishes that include personalized details. The fixing method is discreet and not very invasive in the frame, with only the incorporation of a small guide piece and the use of magnets, the shape of the bicycle is taken advantage of, avoiding the use of holes. The aim of the fins is to carry food, tools and/or spare parts that are indispensable in the development of a triathlon, such as a set of Allen keys, multi-tools, spare chambers and CO2 cylinders, all in a compact form and without losing the aero advantages of the triathlete’s goat.
The final design of each Uniqo Custom Bikes product is consulted with the rider. Your tastes and preferences are an essential part of the development of the product, if you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to consult our team.
The sum of all the advantages makes our NOWORRY fin an ideal tool holder so that the triathlete is prepared for any adversity with the minimum possible downforce.
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