Cycling bottles
Nowaste is a custom down tube aero bottles so you can hydrate without losing aerodynamics on your bike.

from 300,00 €

(VAT excluded)

NOWASTE’s design is adapted to the frame of your bike, reducing downforce as much as possible, with enough capacity to meet your hydration needs in your triathlon stage. Through a 3D scan of the bicycle, we managed to optimize the shape of each of the bottles.
The materials with which we manufacture the bottles allow the nowaste to be very light, without losing strength and durability.
Their position makes them comfortable to use in competition. We have studied the fastening method so that the bottles are easy to remove, fasten and replace, but remain stable in circulation.
Materials suitable for food use. High durability to the passage of washes.
The custom design of the nowaste allows it to be integrated into the frame, unlike a conventional bottle that is suspended above it. For this we developed a bottle holder screwed to the frame, to which the aerodynamic bottle is attached. Therefore, the NOWASTE will consist of the bottle of the capacity required by the cyclist and a small bottle holder screwed to the bike that keep a continuous design with the bicycle.
The final design of each Uniqo Custom Bikes product is consulted with the rider. Your tastes and preferences are an essential part of the development of the product, if you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to consult our team.
This sum of advantages makes it possible to gain hydration capacity without losing aerodynamics.
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