Nowind Rokke-Triathlon
Nowind, which means there is no air resistance, is a standard armrest made of high-strength materials that provides better aerodynamics and ergonomics that greatly improve the performance of triathletes in competition.

from 130€

(VAT excluded)

NOWIND ROKKE-T is designed to achieve maximum structural resistance but without losing sight of the aerodynamic advantage that characterizes them.
NOWIND ROKKE-T is composed of state-of-the-art technical materials combined with composite materials that provide high strength but low density, thus reducing their weight to the maximum.
The high resistance and low flexibility of the materials added to the fact that the anchor is directly to the handlebar without intermediate pieces, makes the NOWIND ROKKE-T have a high structural stability and minimize vibrations.
You can purchase a pair of NOWIND SOFT pads that allow your elbow to rest comfortably. The thickness of the standard pads is 10mm. The pair is worth € 27 and they are customizable in color (red, blue, green, yellow, black, white or colorless). If you want to customize them with your logo or other geometry, an additional cost of € 15 will be added.
The angle of inclination of our NOWIND ROKKE-T is standard, but it is possible to obtain spacers with the desired angulation for € 15 each pair.
Size XL. Includes 3 accessories in one piece: -Gps mount -Bottle support -Nowaste GEL
All of these advantages help to bring out the cyclist’s full potential by allowing him to save watts of power throughout his ride.
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